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We’re a team of experienced developers from Poland who previously worked on triple A projects for companies such as Ubisoft, Techland, CI Games, Bloober Team and Qloc. Currently we’re hard at work, striving to bring into the hands of players from all around the globe high quality AA+ experiences.


First and foremost, we value working on projects that let us grow as artists. This stems from a belief that the industry has grown somewhat stagnant. We want to push ourselves while setting realistic goals; by decomposing proven solutions into prime factors, experimenting with the formula and improving on it.


To us, games are an expression of art in its purest form; we want to share our perspective with the world. We believe in our audience and want to craft experiences that will challenge them just like they challenge us.


We learn every day from ourselves and other artists. Inspiration comes in many forms and above all, we seek to nurture creativity. In the end, all we want is to excite, amaze and spark imagination.


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Iron Lung

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